Friday, February 13, 2009

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Big 5 Sporting Goods
Event Sales has been operating in accordance with the Agreement on Big 5 Sporting Goods for nine years, which sells the customer is returned to the sports trade product.

Product Type

* Loads made up of all sports is located in the trade, or for camping, hunting, fishing, sports equipment, sports apparel, workout equipment, etc.
* This product includes customer returns, but significant out-of-stock (new) product can also be included.
* The product is palletized and usually packed in boxes.
* The buyer should be lowered to 10% of the product is thrown away. The balance of the stock is new, such as new or given.


* We do not usually allowed one request Big 5 in a particular load. For example, if a customer does not want to workout equipment, we can make this request, and it is omitted.
* The Big 5 Web site to the purchaser to view the types of products.
* The product is sold only in a truckload.
* No advertising, Big 5 name is allowed.
* The product is sold to East of the Mississippi unless specific approval Big 5 has been provided. California, Oregon and Washington was never approved for sale.

How Sold

* All products are sold F.O.B. Riverside, California. (That is, the customer will pay freight Riverside, depending on their location.)
* The product is sold truckloads consist of $ 200,000 at the retail value.
* Structural Assorted offers a good mix of sports trading product.
* A manifesto is available when loading.


* Sales are in front of bank or cashier's check only.
* To strengthen the bill.
* All sales are final.

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